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Tranekær and the area


In the northern part of Langeland is the village Tranekær. It is named after Tranekær Castle and is today part of Langeland Municipality. As a residence town for the County of Langeland, Tranekær has for long periods actually been the island’s center of power rather than the market town of Rudkøbing. Count Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (1760 – 1832), called “The General”, has especially influenced Tranekær. He wanted to transform the city into a principality following German ideals. He set up several businesses and institutions in the city and enrolled foreign functionaries and artisans whose descendants can still be found on the island. Tranekær still appears as the “General’s” city and it is unique in Denmark.

The area

In addition to Tranekær’s unique atmosphere and beautiful nature, the area around the village has several beautiful sights and excursion destinations, which we would definitely recommend that you visit.

We have summarized some of the sights below and otherwise you can see more about both restaurants and other experiences in the city on the link here: Tranekær

Attractions nearby

TRANEKÆR SLOT is the oldest inhabited building in Denmark. It has belonged to the Ahlefeldt-Laurvig family since 1672 and the whole town is strongly influenced by the General’s building projects back in the 18th century. At times, the castle opens its doors for guided tours. Read more on the link here: Tranekær Castle

TICKON Tranekær – International Center for Art and Nature. Take a walk in the beautiful Tranekær Castle Park and experience the organic land art of international artists in the interplay between art and nature. The park is filled with historic trees gathered from all over the world. Click on the link here to get more information about this unique place and what you can experience there: TICKON Tranekær

The medicine gardens in Tranekær . An experience for the whole family with edible medicinal plants and even the opportunity for an owl hunt. The medicinal-botanical park contains barely 650 different plants. Here is Northern Europe’s largest collection of medicinal plants which is constantly being expanded with new gardens of different themes. Among other things, there is a garden that focuses on Hildegard von Bingen’s work with medicinal plants. Information about place and price can be found by clicking on the link here: Medicinhaverne i Tranekær

The Wild Horses on the Fleet , Tranekær. Experience the Wild Horses in the Fleet area south of Tranekær. Landscape-wise, the area around Tranekær is one of Landeland’s most beautiful. 9,000 years ago, the Fleet was used as a summer residence. If you are curious to know more, click on the link here: The Wild Horses on the Skin

Tranekær Lighthouse – Nordlangeland. At Botofte Stand, the first lighthouse was built in 1858, where a lamp could be lifted to a height of 4 meters by means of a hoist. At the link here you can find more information: Tranekær Fyr

Tranekær Church – Gothic style and yellowwashed. In the western part of Tranekær is the church from 1450 and until 1942, the Castle Church belonged to the owners of Tranekær Castle. Get more information about the church by clicking on the link here: Tranekær church

Tranekær Castle Mill. The windmills are generally a characteristic feature of the island. Here it is possible to come in and see the entire mill inside and experience the exhibition about the mill’s history on Langeland. Read more on the link here: Tranekær Slotsmølle

The bee farm in Tranekær is also worth a visit. It is located by the old skvatmøl just opposite the castle. Here you can learn about the wonderful world of bees and help sling honey. See more at the link here Bi-gården



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