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Food with heart, food with presence, food with taste and beauty, food with nourishment – that’s what I do.

I am too:

  • lecturer, teacher and guide in healthy food for brain, heart, intestine and digestion. I specialise in nutritious food and meals for children and young people with rare diseases. Children who for various reasons do not eat or eat unilaterally and selectively. They are not picky. They and their families inspire.
  • inspiring green choices – step by step.
  • concerned with food, presence and enjoyment, both in the process of cooking and during the meal.
  • Author of the book “Food on the go” on healthy choices for snacks.

The kingfisher inspires me with its beauty and beautiful colours. It lives where there is clean and clear water. It cares for its young and chooses the right fish or insect precisely. Kingfishers don’t eat junk food.




Birgitte Flensholt – Mosevej 11 – 4700 Næstved – 26121162


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