About us

The history of the sugar factory

Idyllically located a little south of Tranekær Castle, Lensgreven, Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, built Denmark’s first sugar factory in 1804. The English wars had led to a shortage of sugar and sugar production from potatoes was attempted, but the dream of producing sugar at the factory was abandoned in 1810, when Lensgreven never succeeded in crystallizing the sugar.

Instead, the factory produced syrup, brandy and beer. It later became the residence of the estate inspector and the estate manager. In the 1980s and 90s, there was a production school in the building, just as the Home Guard has also benefited from the old factory.

The place

In 2004, we took over and completely renovated the old sugar factory. The place is used today for various courses, workshops, trainings and other events. Throughout the month of July, it is also open to Bed & Breakfast guests.

The sugar factory exudes a good atmosphere with a homely atmosphere. Cozy living rooms and rooms. There is room for 20 overnight guests divided into unique 8 double rooms and 4 single rooms with good, comfortable beds.

Trine loves to pamper the guests with delicious food made from organic ingredients.

It is not only inside that the place exudes a good atmosphere. The sugar factory is surrounded by a beautiful park with lake and forest edges, so there are good opportunities to find a cozy nook – both inside and out.

The family

We run Sukkerfabrikken as a family business.

Trine is the mother who lives permanently on the site and is responsible for the daily operation of the Sugar Factory. She is both a hostess and has a great love for cooking and good ingredients. Before Trine started the project here, she had for several years run organic farming, worked with nature restoration, wind turbine projects, residential institutions for children and young people and much more. Where nature, environment, presence, spirituality and human development have been in focus. Which is all a natural part of the Sugar Factory’s foundation.

Mille is the daughter. She is a jeweler, social educator and lives in Tranekær. Mille helps with all sorts of practical tasks in everyday life, so that everything works at Sukkerfabrikken. Both in terms of extensions and maintenance of the building, craftsmen, purchasing and much more. 

Mads Adam is the son who lives and works in Copenhagen as a goldsmith, where he makes soul pictures. (www.heindorf.dk).
He is retiring to Langeland and helping with marketing, finances and new initiatives at Sukkerfabrikken. 

Together, we want to build on Sukkerfabrikken as a creative and sustainable development centre that provides high-quality experiences. 



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