Alison Montebello

Experience intuitive massage that brings clarity out from the soul. I have been practicing various forms of massage professionally since 2013, and have been mildly obsessed with movement for much longer.  In more recent years I’ve found it essential to incorporate mental and emotional states when it comes to pain or stress in the physical body.

At the beginning of my career I gained much of my experience through elite level sports massage, as well as working alongside health practitioners providing therapeutic treatments in Australia.  Over the past few years I’ve opened myself to methods of healing from both ancient and new age cultures worldwide, to beautifully combine the most beneficial of western and eastern healing to best support your entire self in a safe environment

My mission is to help raise the vibration around us all.  I see these treatments (“treat’s”) as not only benefiting and lifting the vibe for the immediate client, but for everyone they are going to encounter afterwards, family, friends and the people they pass on the street. I love for people to feel happy being the best version of themselves, to enjoy all that life has to give. To live a life on purpose.

 I believe that pain doesn’t have a place when one is living the way that is completely true to the soul. The body is constantly giving us messages of what is true to the soul,we only need to get quite enough to discover what that is. To aid in this intention, I offer relaxation massages to power down and reset, therapeutic massages with coaching to address problems where they lie, and a dash of reiki for a balancing, energy healing, intuitive massage.
Yoga nidra has been highly recommended as a completely rejuvenating way to round off any massage treatment.

The breath is the focal point of all treatments, used in conjunction with meridian psychotherapy, mindfulness, remedial massage, reiki, acupressure and a large amount of intuition.

Relaxation Massage

Slow and flowing for body and mind. A gentle full body massage accompanied with essential oils recommended for stress, anxiety or to simply let go of it all and relax!

55min – 800kr
85min – 1250kr


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation where the body is put to sleep, while the consciousness remains aware to achieve complete relaxation. Yoga Nidra is used to release tension in all forms – body & mind. Described as if you’re being taken through a peaceful bedtime story, the results can often be more restful and rejuvenating than a full nights sleep.

This can be done in a group setting, at the end of the day or added onto any individual treatment

Varied time lengths starting from 25mins – 500kr
*individual price adjustments for group bookings


Therapeutic Massage

We discuss the history of your problem or tension prone area/s. The treatment will be focused with this area in mind, accompanied by a stimulating flush of the body.  Emotional guidance can be provided throughout the treatment

55mins – 800kr


Reiki Massage

Pure energy healing, the perfect method to release physical,mental or emotional disturbances and bring the body systems into balance. Reiki (translating to Universal energy) is most effective when the person is completely receptive to whatever they may experience, without expectation. Be open to the clarity as channels of the body unblock through the use of massage and this wonderful natural energy.

80mins – 1340kr

Call out fee is 500kr

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